As a species we are still not learning, and we continue to evolve with the same destructive traits that have been passed on down through the generations. Our destructive habits to one another are in direct conflict with our true nature as we still allow our egos to make our decisions for us. Sometimes these can have far reaching consequences and the current situation in Ukraine is one such example of this. With the current world on a knife edge over Ukraine I wanted to construct a gallery that represented the stupidity of it all.

There are no winners in war and yet history has pointed this out to us from day one and we still ignore this fact. Our ego driven desires of conquest mirror the very fabric of our illusive behaviours. Mutually assured destruction is being played out in Ukraine right now and we are blinded to this, our senses are dumbed down with reality television and social media vanity projects. As the proxy war in Ukraine deepens further so does the potential for mass nuclear extinction.

Our true potential is to evolve by breaking free of our current mindset and behaviours. To exist on a level that mimics the vibration of the universe and to finally be aware of the consequences of our actions and thoughts. To see the soul inside of someone and not to make decisions based upon our ego driven perceptions.

Like a small child pulling the tail of a dog for attention, world leaders continuously pull death’s chain oblivious to the consequences. Their ego driven thoughts and actions now threaten the wellbeing of everyone on the planet. When you pull death’s chain too many times sooner or later, he is going to notice your unwanted attentions. He is after all a professional taker of souls and with 7.7 billion in the equation death may see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed. 

Evolution can go forwards or backwards and this cycle should be determined by us all as a collective and not from the choices of a few. Unless we change our behaviours and mindsets we will forever be known as the species that had it all and threw it all away in the same hand.

The universe gave us a beautiful planet to live in and we fucked it all up with the click of a button.

The Mutual Destruction gallery can be found here.