The word Karma (कर्म) in Sanskrit means action, work or deed and it refers to our ability or lack of ability to balance our thoughts, words, and deeds in our daily lives. It is these actions that fall under the umbrella of karma that help to keep us in this constant cycle of Maya (माया).

Enlightenment means that we have become free from the bonds of Karma which is the cycle of birth and death. This cycle of birth and death is known as Samsara (संसार) where the process of transmigration takes place when the eternal soul moves from one body to another. In a very simplistic analogy, it would be fair to assume that karmic bonds keep us bound to Samsara (संसार), and that Maya (माया) hides our participation from Samsara (संसार)  by using the veil of ignorance known as Avidya (अविद्या). When enlightened your soul will no longer be born to this world again as you are now free of all of your karmic responsibilities.

Extract taken from my book: MAYA The Mask of Creation available to buy on Amazon Kindle.