We have been conditioned to perceive some ancient cultures in an inferior way, that perhaps their civilizations were barbaric in nature and therefore primitive. That life only really started with the advent of electricity and the technological age. We have let Maya (माया) decide our status of advancement as something to be cherished and we constantly gloat of our achievements as if we are the very gods in the sky.

Yet the irony is that the further we have progressed from the cultures of the old, the further our spiritual essence has regressed. We are a shadow of our former spiritual self, but we bask in the glory of our technological advancements. We applaud our ability to send people into space and yet the brutal nature of war has become the de facto standard in this modern era of mankind. 

We have become detached into fragmented pieces of soulless behaviours, desires, thoughts and bloodshed. Ignorance can come in many forms and to forget our past, and to dismiss it as nonsense because it does not meet our existing belief structures is a very dangerous game to play indeed. 

The more we delude ourselves that our past has no relevance to us, the more we will be forever trapped in the illusion of Maya (माया). 

Extract from MAYA: The Mask of Creation available to buy on Amazon Kindle.