Nurtured and controlled a mental disorder can be used in so many wonderful and creative ways. It allows one the ability to process lines of thought over multiple connections, to see ideas, solutions, and other aspects that most will never see. Left untreated with no supervision, a lack of understanding and it is the bastard of all bastards. It haunts your dreams, disturbs your thoughts, and can unravel your whole world in under thirty seconds. 

It is a tornado of carnage that leaves a legacy of destruction that can be life changing. A tornado driven by your mind, acted out by your body, and visible all over weather maps on television for everyone to see.

It makes you scream on the inside whilst you rip the whole world apart piece by piece. You scream because this is all that you know. You scream because later today and tomorrow you will be doing the exact same thing again. You scream because you are Mr bastard, and you just want the madness to stop. 

No one likes who you have become, let alone yourself. 

Extract from Bedlam and Tea available to buy on Amazon Kindle.