Leela (Lila) (लीला) is the Sanskrit word for ‘The Divine Play’ and it describes the endless cycle in the participation of Maya (माया). Until we remove the mask of Maya (माया) we will always be contestants in the cycle of illusion and delusion. Think of Leela (Lila) (लीला) in the following analogy:

How can children spend endless hours at the beach digging the same hole in the sand with always the same outcome? They are playing for the sake of playing as they desire no outcome but to dig holes in the sand. The outcome of digging holes or the repetitive nature is of no concern for them, as to dig holes in the sand is all that matters.’

This endless repetitive behaviour is our deluded souls controlled by our egoic minds constantly playing the game of Maya (माया). We are constantly digging holes in the sand all to no avail.

Extract from MAYA: The Mask of Creation available to buy on Amazon Kindle.