The Guardian Newspaper (2020) published an article regarding the Italian police seizure of £900 of ISIS manufactured amphetamines at the port of Salerno. There was nothing new in this as ISIS had been turning to the drug markets to increase their terror funding for many years. What is disturbing is that ISIS claims that they are working directly for God then surely everything that they do must also be in the name of God? It seems that God is actively promoting the manufacture and distribution of recreational grade amphetamines. Which is ironic as most Islamic countries in the world offer a fine rope and industrial crane for anyone caught with or selling drugs.

Islam also has a financial component known as Zakat which is a religious duty for all Muslims who meet the criteria of wealth to donate money to the needy. Will ISIS be making their Zakat contribution to Islam as part of the proceeds from selling drugs which are also illegal in Islam? With so little condemnation from the various Islamic organisations around the world one can assume that they have the full blessing of Islam and God.

It just so happens that Captagon amphetamine pills are the drug of choice when it comes to reducing tiredness amongst many of the ISIS fighters. In 2020 Reuters published an article that Captagon was known as the “drug of the Jihad” after being found in militant hideouts and was also used by Islamists who conducted the terror 2015 attack in Paris. In 2015 VOX talked about Islamic fighters consuming amphetamines to ward off tiredness and to give them courage. Chemical enhancement brings you one step closer to God by allowing the expansion of your mind from amphetamine induced psychosis.

Extract from GOD and The Zero-Hours Contract available to buy on Amazon Kindle.