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Islam, Drugs & Zakat
21 November 2022

The Guardian Newspaper (2020) published an article regarding the Italian police seizure of £900 of ISIS manufactured amphetamines at the port of Salerno. There was nothing new in this as ISIS...

The Bedruthan Project
4 November 2022

My macro lens shrilled in delight as I picked her up and took her on another tour of magnified adventures. My ego personally congratulated me for my choice of lens and avoidance of human bein...

The Denial Magic Trick
1 November 2022

It was the main event of the night, and the crowds were packed to the rafters. The lights of the stage burned lightly onto my skin and left me feeling warm inside. I had been rehearsing my il...

The Pope & Illegal Wiretap
21 October 2022

Only this week in the Daily Mail it has transpired that Pope Francis who is deemed to be one of the most holiest persons on the planet, whose very presence is the essence of everything pure a...

Critical Progression
3 November 2022

Quite often a photographic image from our past screams out with all the terrors from a sleepless night. It is an image so lacking that it invokes an automatic feeling of despair and critical ...

Mental Health In 3 Mins
21 November 2022

A short three minute video regarding the vast arena of mental health. The video breaks down this complex subject into an easy and understandable format in a very short space of time. The v...

Leela The Divine Play
18 October 2022

Leela (Lila) (लीला) is the Sanskrit word for ‘The Divine Play’ and it describes the endless cycle in the participation of Maya (माया). Until we remove the mask of Maya (माया) we will alw...

GOD and The City Trader
14 September 2022

Religion is operated like a business, it always has and always will be. Be under no illusion that profit, and power underpins many religious organisations around the world. Their accumulation...

A Cup of Tea
5 October 2022

The antiquated pouring of tea is a British custom that comes with the delusion that a simple hot drink will immediately cure all ailments and troubles. The expected freedom from turmoil is al...

The Ravenous Spider
3 October 2022

Autumn time in Cornwall heralds an influx of spiders into the garden who are all competing for the tastiest of snacks. A Michelin star dinner with every bite welcomes the sturdiest of our eig...

The Downfall of Ignorance
18 September 2022

We have been conditioned to perceive some ancient cultures in an inferior way, that perhaps their civilizations were barbaric in nature and therefore primitive. That life only really started ...

But Why?
1 October 2022

By experiencing the universe for ourselves we will eventually understand that the question of WHY is no longer relevant, as the question of WHY was never meant to be answered! It is only mean...

Corporate Rejection
12 September 2022

The disdain on my work colleagues’ faces was clear to see with their limp handshakes and their eyes staring aware from me. Not even a shirt and tie could remove the stigma of shame that I now...

Mr Bastard
21 August 2022

Nurtured and controlled a mental disorder can be used in so many wonderful and creative ways. It allows one the ability to process lines of thought over multiple connections, to see ideas, so...

New Book Release
28 August 2022

GOD and The Zero-hours Contract. Religion is operated like a business, and it always has and always will be. Be under no illusion that profit, and power underpins many religious organisati...

The Royal Flush
21 September 2022

How they floated, how they swirled and how they spun in a spiral of unison down the toilet. There would be no rescue attempt for my medication as they were already confined to a watery grave ...

The Kali Yuga
18 August 2022

The ancient teachings of Sanskrit recognised that there are four cycles of life with regards to civilizations and humanity. These given periods of time determine the creation and destruction ...

New Book Release
9 August 2022

Our egoic minds help to shape our actions and beliefs on a daily basis. It is a 3rd dimensional thinking formed from our irrational minds that is fed by the illusion of oneself. In ancie...

New Book Release
21 May 2022

Do we continue to be defined by our ignorance of matters of the unknown? Or unite as a collective to help free those from the depths of mental anguish. To finally see the soul that exists ins...

Mutual Destruction
1 October 2022

As a species we are still not learning, and we continue to evolve with the same destructive traits that have been passed on down through the generations. Our destructive habits to one another...

5.11 Union Combat Boot
15 August 2022

Footwear that is practical when it comes to the demanding elements we can often face as photographers is vital when we are out and about. I learnt many years ago that not all photography equi...

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