Footwear that is practical when it comes to the demanding elements we can often face as photographers is vital when we are out and about. I learnt many years ago that not all photography equipment is up to the job especially when it comes to footwear. Having comfortable feet is vital when taking photographs so that we can avoid any unnecessary distractions at the crucial moment.

I have worn many different types of 5.11 boots in the past and they have always met my expectations as a photographer. I have used them in the city, urban environments, and the Cornish coastline. They have been fantastic in protecting my feet from unwanted stamping when covering a protest or loose stones on a coastal path.

The 5.11 Union combat boot at 6” in height are easier to put on or take off then the conventional 8” sized military boot. With non-slip soles and waterproof membranes, they will keep your feet nice and toasty during bouts of our famous British rain. With fantastic ankle support and easy to use laces these boots are in my opinion a proven solid investment.

If protection of your feet is a major concern, then these boots would be a great option to consider when photographing outside. If your work is predominately in the studio or street photography, then the 5.11 Union combat boot would be overkill.

Living by the Cornish coastline the investment of £130 for me is money well spent.