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MAYA The Mask of Creation

Our egoic minds help to shape our actions and beliefs on a daily basis. It is a 3rd dimensional thinking formed from our irrational minds that is fed by the illusion of oneself. In ancient Sanskrit the word is known as Maya (माया), and in our modern-day world we have become the greatest sorcerers of all time.

Available to buy now on Amazon Kindle.

GOD & The Zero-Hours Contract

Religion is operated like a business, and it always has and always will be. Be under no illusion that profit, and power underpins many religious organisations around the world. Their accumulation of wealth far outweighs their devotion to God, and they hold onto their power in a giant piggy bank of contradictions.

Available to buy now on Amazon Kindle.

Bedlam and Tea

Do we continue to be defined by our ignorance of the unknown? Or to finally see the soul that exists inside someone and not to define them by their behaviours from a shattered mind.

Available to buy now on Amazon Kindle.

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